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Employee Referral Bonus Program
I. Purpose
  The purpose of the Employee Referral Bonus Program is to provide an incentive award to a current employee in a full-time equivalent (FTE) position who brings new talent to the agency by referring applicants who are subsequently selected and successfully employed in a hard-to-fill position
II. Eligibility and Participation
  Applicant - Applicants are persons not currently employed with the hiring agency.
  Referring Employee - All employees in FTE equivalent positions are eligible to receive a referral bonus.
  Positions( Multiple) – Looking for Unix/C/C++ engineers, Systems and Network Engineers for our office in Cupertino. The details for the job postings are listed on our website www.prolificminds.com/careers.html
III. Referral Bonus Amount
Under these guidelines, an employee may receive a bonus, the total of which may not exceed $2,000 in any fiscal year
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